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Networking Solution Provider Srilanka

INlogic Tech specialize in network installations, and offer a comprehensive suite of stand-alone or supported installation and network configuration services that are expandable and customizable as per the requirements of the customers. We are fully equipped with technologies, tools and the experienced engineering team who hold copious industry and vendor accreditation to carry networking services in accordance with the industry specifications.also we are the best Networking solution provider srilanka CNS can also install and configure a wide variety of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions across a broad range of renowned brands like TP-link, Mercury, D – link etc. We conduct a free site survey and offer free quotations for the complete service and the customers can make an informed choice about the devices and the affordability of the service.
However ,we do not leave our customers with just a network we offer unparalleled after sales service/ support to ensure the customer satisfaction in the long run. Our team of consultants are committed to offering ongoing support & over the phone technical support in case of technical failures and help you to resolve the issue as fast as possible. More

Network Security Solutions

VPN Solutions / Firewall Solutions

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) solutions typically provide the ability to give secure access for remote users to the corporate network over the Internet.

Our firewall services add a solid layer of protection between your mission-critical information and the lawless internet from malicious attempts to access it. Our firewall solutions ensure the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of data coming into your network using stateful packet inspection of the traffic stream.(Network Solutions provider Srilanka)

Network Management Solutions

Load Balancing / Network Monitoring / WIFI Management

Proactive Cloud-Based Enterprise Network Monitoring allows network engineers to identify potential problems and bottlenecks before it affects users. If you are handling networks, large or small, visibility and control over all deployed customer equipment is essential at all times. At Enterprise IT Solutions, our solutions will empower you to centrally manage your network of users and devices; thus making it possible to offer exceptional service to your organization, while successfully tackling complex technical and administrative challenges (Network Management Solutions provider srilanka)

Network Cabling

Server Rack Installing / Cable Structuring / Network Expanding / New Installation

Our elite team of IT consultants can help you effectively design and install a network that offers speed, flexibility, and reliability.

We specialize not only in designing and installing new networks, but trouble shooting existing flawed networks to maintain the highest reliability for customers.



To achieve the desired coverage and performance of a wireless or wired network, it is important to fully understand the environment into which the network is being deployed. The up-front planning and documentation to facilitate a smooth and successful implementation of the well functioning network.



After conducting a site survey & user requirements, we offer comprehensive proposal for the proposed networking System. We keep our clients completely in control throughout the process by informing the budget, requirements and the timeline of the project prior to the implementation process.



Our team of experienced professionals will carry out the complete installation of the network and long term maintenance service in accordance with the industry standards and the customer specifications fast and efficient manner.

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