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Inlogic Tech founded in 2018, is one of the professional Anolog PABX solution Provider In Srilanka . Struggling to be the guide. Early in 2017, our company Provide Mini-PBX which causes a great stir in Srilanka. Today we have a Provide  voice exchange of products with almost 20 types from 2 CO lines 8 Exts small operator,to thousands of large switching system,nearly 30 voice switching system, more than 20 supporting end products, full meet the needs of various industries voice communications solutions.


Making call Feature

* Dial 0 or 9 for CO line
* Select Desired CO line
* Least cost routing
* IP code access automatically
* Extension password
* Personal account
* Hot line ( call to operator without dialing)
* Ringback on busy ( when Ext.becomes free)
* Speed dialing
* Extension outgoing call class
* Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit
* Dial 9 or 0 to operator
* Exclusive Line
* Allow extension use appointed CO line
* Extension Lock

Receiving Call Feature

* DISA Auto-attendant
* Operator Attendant
* Call Transfer
* 3-party Conference Call
* Busy Transfer
* Unconditional Transfer
* Call Transferred to Secretary
* Call Pick up
* External and extension caller ID
* Transferred caller ID
* Do Not Disturb(DND)
* Day/Night service
* Extension ring by turns
* Outside caller call extension by one touch
* Call on holding
* External music on hold socket
* 8 extension ringing assignable

System Feature

* Self-extension number confirmation
* Pulse and tone mode setting
* Bill, hotel software, function program by PC
* Total 60s OGM
* Remote Program
* Executive busy override
* Extension number assignable freewill
* Polarity Reverse Detection (for billing)

Optional Feature

* UK/US/AU/EUR Power Plugs
* 110V or 220V power supply