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About Inlogic Data Recovery Service

Inlogic Tech provides data recovery, hard drive repair, RAID repair, computer forensics and other professional media services through a network of more than 4 offices across the Srilanka

Our goal has always been to deliver reliable media services with transparent price estimates and fast turnaround times, and thanks to our ethical approach, we have opened satellite offices in dozens of major cities. We have expanded our service offerings considerably by investing in research, development and ongoing engineer training.

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Inlogic Tech provides:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery for Flash Drives, SSD, and All Other Digital Devices
  • RAID Repair and Other RAID Services
  • Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
  • Data Tape Repair
  • Virtual Server Repair
  • Data Migration, Media Conversion, and More

When you work with Inlogic Tech your case always receives attention from experienced media specialists. We take pride in our simple, hassle-free approach and our data guarantees; all cases can receive a free standard media evaluation, and we never charge for our services if we cannot recover data.

Advanced Facilities for Better Data Recovery

Data recovery companies need extremely specialized equipment in order to successfully treat different types of data loss. We understand the importance of cutting-edge technology and make regular investments in our facilities.

Inlogic Tech  installed the industry’s first Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and by treating all media in this appropriately controlled environment, we have earned a 96 percent success rate for hard drive data recovery cases. Our specialists can successfully treat all media regardless of brand, format, operating system or failure scenario. We offer several turnaround options including a 24/7/365 service, which features an excellent average turnaround of fewer than 48 hours.

Industry Leading Data Recovery Security

We are also leaders in data recovery security. To preserve data confidentiality, we maintain strict security systems with SSAE 16 Type II certification and the similar SAS 70 certification. So, UAE Data Recovery fully complies with all federal confidentiality regulations, and we have individual compliance certification PCI-DSS.

Data loss can have tremendous implications for any computer user. A single damaged file can mean years of lost work or thousands of dollars in system rebuild costs. Inlogic Tech is a place to turn to when you lose mission-critical business files, personal photographs or any other important data. Our flexible service options, certified security systems, and multiple service locations take the pressure out of the data recovery process, and in most cases, our engineers can return your files within a few days.

For more information about our services, visit our testimonials page to read real letters from our clients. You can also call our 24/7 customer service team at 076 88 000 55 to set up a free evaluation at one of our facilities.

We take care of your data , we are specialists in Data Recovery from all devices

Whether it’s simple private photos with great sentimental value or large corporate databases , At UAE Data Recovery Dubai we put the same passion and the same commitment to recovering your data.   We recognize the different needs of users and, unlike many other companies, we reserve specific treatments for individuals, for students, for public bodies or for anyone who has no urgency. longer working, or if it has broken for any reason or you hear strange noises or abnormal clicks, leave your problem to our expert technicians.

Inlogic Tech Data Recovery Srilanka : Data Retrieval at its Best

No matter whatever service provider you are choosing, they won’t be able to recover your data in a day. But, UAE Data recovery has made it possible to recover data in less than 24 hours. Therefore, when your device gets damaged, we evaluate the damage and estimate the cost of recovering data anytime. We understand the disastrous effect data loss that you can have on your business. Thus, we try to finish our work as quickly as possible.

The prolonged success of our data recovery experts has made us the leading service provider in the Srilanka. Our experts are proficient in resurrecting files from failed hard drives, flash drives, SSDs, phones, and RAID servers. Apart from this, we follow rigid privacy and security protocols to ensure the safety of recovered data. Hence, keep reading this article to know more about our services

Highest Success Rates 

We apply each and every data recovery mechanism until you get back your data. We exhaust all the solutions to recover your data by hook or crook. Thus, our customers enjoy higher success rates in comparison with others.

Trusted and Secure

Our data recovery systems are HIPPA and PCI compliant to ensure the safety of recovered files and data therein. Moreover, we ensure that customers’ information is kept safe during the data recovery process.

Fastest Data Recovery

Since data recovery is an emergency matter, our service is available for 24*7. We make sure that you can have your files back in your hands fast. Moreover, you won’t have to leave your device since we will recover the data in front of your eyes only.

Nationwide Locations

We have set up dozens of service locations so that none of our customers is deprived of our service. So, you can pick up media at any of our offices and obtain secure local services.

Custom Tools and Techniques

We use custom tools and techniques for recovering data. We use those tools which are guaranteed for fast retrieval of data. They possess an intricate knowledge and are well-equipped with the premium tools necessary for recovering your valuable data

No Data No Charge

We don’t charge our service if our experts fail to recover data. Moreover, we guarantee data recovery without affecting the quality of data or device involved. We deliver accurate and free media evaluations to determine the potential cost and time of recovering data. You can also choose our service only when the estimated cost and time are suitable for you. Thus, we ensure that customers won’t have to overpay for our data recovery services.

Certified Data Recovery Professionals 

Our experts are certified in data recovery courses. Years of experience have made them specialized in this field. We don’t use traditional data recovery methods and thereby ensure quick retrieval of data. We conduct workshops to update our specialists with complicated recoveries.

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