The wired surveillance systems used in the past provided grainy images, but it allowed businesses to boost security and monitor activities. However, the analog systems are fast becoming obsolete due to the advent of wireless digital video surveillance systems. If you are planning to install a new wireless surveillance system or upgrade your existing system, you must have a clear understanding of the benefits. Read on to know more about the advantages of having a wireless surveillance system.

  1. Helps reduce theft, loss, and vandalism  – Like its predecessor, the wireless surveillance system also helps to protect the assets of businesses. However, they are capable of capturing and storing more information than analog systems. The video quality will also be far superior. Better coverage helps businesses save money through a reduction in investment in infrastructural support systems.
  2. Easier to install and more effective in implementation – It is easier to install wireless surveillance systems because the equipment required is less and extensive cabling is not required. Further, the security team can more effectively operate the entire surveillance system right from a console in the control room.
  3. Improved storage and easy accessibility – Unlike analog systems that use tapes to store video footage, cameras used in wireless surveillance capture and store footage on digital video recorders. They come with ample storage space. This means that security teams will have easy access to more surveillance footage.
  4. Enables remote monitoring – It is safe to say that this is the most overlooked benefit as far as wireless surveillance systems are concerned. With the help of a highly-integrated video system, it is possible for businesses to monitor activities on any device from anywhere around the world as long as internet connectivity is good.
  5. Helps reduce costs and offers scalability – A digital wireless video surveillance system is more cost-effective than its analog counterpart. This is because the requirement of physical infrastructure for operation is less. When a business expands its operations, additional digital cameras can be easily integrated with the system.
  6. Distributed intelligence helps save time – It is not possible for anyone to sit and go through the security footage throughout the day. That’s when the distributed intelligence system fills the gap. Software programs can be employed to monitor footage and pick up activities, events, and specified behavior and provide alerts.
  7. Can be integrated with management software – Digital wireless surveillance systems can be optimized and integrated with the latest management software. The benefits include the capability to search through archived footage on the basis of several factors such as timestamps, location, etc.
  8. Improves productivity – All of the above mentioned advantages lead to improving productivity. Employees would keep doing their tasks, take fewer breaks, and feel safer when they are in their workplaces. This is because they are aware that a digital surveillance system is monitoring their activity on a daily basis.

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